Our school

tn_haus07.jpgOur school, Siebold Gymnasium Würzburg, is a language and economics focused high school with a wide range of language sequences on offer. One can take Latin, French or English as a first or second foreign language. As a third foreign language, Italian, Spanish and French can be selected. Japanese is also offeredas optional course.

We currently have approximately 740 students being taught by about 70 teachers.

In addition to core courses, there are electives and work groups in various areas, for example, volleyball, rowing, choir, jazz band, foreign language conversation, theatre, band, student newspaper and robot construction.

With completion of the addition, Siebold Gymnasium has its own cafeteria at its disposal offering a salad bar and a vegetarian lunch. On days without afternoon classes, homework mentoring will be offered.

Teacher training seminars are organized at our school in the subjects of German, English, Latin, French, Spanish, History, Social Studies, Maths and Gym (girls).

The Siebold Gymnasium school building is on Rennweger Ring – on the one hand, centrally located near the Berliner Ring walking distance from the main train station – on the other hand, quiently located next to the Ring park.

Siebold Gymnasium maintains an active exchange program with schools in Irland, Italy, Spain, Argentinia, France and the United States. These programs enable as many pupils as possible to mutually get to know each other and apply the language skills that they’ve learned with us to their daily lives with other pupils their age.