tn_haus07.jpgOur school, Siebold Gymnasium Würzburg, is renowned for teaching a variety of languages on the one hand and business studies on the other, making it a school that prepares its students well for the demands of our modern world. This is why it attracts many students from the centre of Würzburg and its surrounding towns.  About 70 teachers currently teach about 700 students in a warm and caring atmosphere.

As our students are relatively free in their choice of languages, they can follow their own interests and talents. English or Latin can be chosen as a first or second language, French as a second and Spanish or Italian as a third.

In order to celebrate the achievements of Philipp Franz von Siebold, who introduced Japan and its science and culture to Europe, Japanese is also taught at our school. We are lucky to be able to offer this as an optional course taught by a native speaker.

In addition to the compulsory subjects, there are many extracurricular activities and clubs in various fields, for example volleyball, football, mountain biking, rowing, choir, orchestra, musical, big band, and drama, to name only a few.

Thanks to a modern addition to the historical building, Siebold Gymnasium has its own cafeteria offering a variety of snacks, salads and well-balanced meals. On days without afternoon classes, younger students can do their homework and participate in games and other activities under the supervision of specially trained mentors.

Siebold Gymnasium does not only teach students, we also prepare the next generation of teachers. Teacher training seminars are organized at our school in the subjects of German, English, Latin, French, Spanish, History, Social Studies, Maths and P.E (girls) and Psychology.

The beautiful school building from 1905 is on Rennweger Ring – on the one hand centrally located near the Berliner Ring and in walking distance from the main train station – on the other hand quietly located next to the Ring Park, which is very popular with students during free periods and which is also used for sporting events and special outdoor activities. Our vast sports grounds, which are open during breaks, are also extremely popular with our students and they often meet there for short matches, sometimes even before 8 o’clock.

Siebold Gymnasium maintains an active exchange program with schools in Irland, Italy, Spain, Argentina, France and the United States. These programs give our pupils the chance to get to know each other and apply their newly acquired language skills in a natural context.

Anke Bleifuß