Sprachlich und wirtschafts-wissenschaftlich

And whoosh they were gone! 😉

English drama group presented Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson
Seven 5b girls (Finia, Zoe, Nadia, Aurelia, Leni, Tilly, Precious) made their guests smile happily last Tuesday, when they showed parents,
grandparents, mates and teachers how much fun it can be to act out well-pronounced lines.
After a funny interpretation of Humpty Dumpty, both in word and moves, the girls performed the story of the witch, the cat and the broom, who made friends with a dog, a bird and a frog to fight a scary monster…
Infected by the girls‘ overwhelming joy and incredibly good acting, Franzy (Q11) as member of the audience put her experience into words: Wow! We can really learn from them! Dare to be yourself, be confident and enjoy the moment! Don’t care what others might think of you!

Andrea Preger