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Siebold students met Jim Wingate

On 1st March all our students in classes 5-7 had the opportunity to meet the Welsh story-teller Jim Wingate. Jim has been touring Germany for many years and it is not the first time for him to stay with us. As in the last years the audience was welcomed by Jim at the door and actively took part in his little pieces of drama and legend.

With Jim being a Scottish native, one of his stories was about the man who sold his soul to the devil. He had hoped to escape from him in the special round house he had built. There the devil would not trap him in a corner, he thought. Anyway the poor person and the local priest lost their lives… Jim told us that he had gone to the school next to the round house. As proof he even showed us a photograph!

There were creepy stories about ghosts, about a father who was turned into an ugly fish because he had been so hard to his daughters and many others.

After 45 exciting minutes, in which even our youngest students could see and understand stories from throughout the world, we went back to “normal life” again.