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Schüleraustausch – Simon’s new school

Mahurangi College artblockDank Internet erreicht uns ein Bericht von Simon aus der Klasse 11a. Er nimmt (wie schon beschrieben) das Angebot wahr, einige Monate im Ausland zu lernen. Dort besucht er das Mahurangi College. Hier ist die Fortsetzung seines Berichts:


now I’m finally in my school, the Mahurangi College, in warkworth. It’s a small school for New Zealand. It’s only 1200 students.

You can choose 5 subjects for the whole year and you have them daily. Your timetable has only 4 days so you have every week a different timetable and nobody knows wich day it is. 😉 There are a lot of different subjects (you can look look at www.mahurangi.school.nz) and extra curricular activities.

I’m member of the volleyball team. The school is divided in 5 different houses, the blue (my house ”BLUE FOR GOLD”!), the purple, the green, the red and the yellow house. There are competitions between the houses like in “Harry Potter” and you get points.

Every morning at 8.40am you go to your Whanau, this means family and is an Maori word (Maori were the first settlers down here). In the Whanau are students from year 7 to 13. You have a Whanau leader like the german “Klassensprecher” and your own teacher. My Whanau is Blue2 and my Whanau teacher is Mr. Husband.

Here’s my school day:

The lessons start at 8.50am. Each lesson takes 60 minutes. After 2 lessons there’s a break of 20 minutes. After 2 more lessons it is lunchtime. After a 40min. break we go back to Whanau and we have to read for 20min. quietly.
Then at 14.20pm the last lesson starts. School ends at 15.20pm. My subjects are English, Maths, Physics, Technology Fabric and Information Management. My English teacher (Mrs. MacDonald) likes to talk and it’s boring. If you have any questions, just ask.

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