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Schüleraustausch mit East Lansing

Gruppenfoto SchüleraustauschNineteen students from East Lansing High School in East Lansing / Michigan / USA are visiting their German exchange partners at Siebold High School in Würzburg. The teachers and parents of 23 Siebold students have organized a two-week program for the American students, who are accompanied by Principal Paula Steele and German teacher Marie Kuzych-Howard. Besides attending classes together with their German exchange partners, the Americans discovered the sights of Würzburg, Veitshöcheim, Nürnberg and Bamberg and delved into German history when visiting the Documentation Center of the Nazi Party Rally Grounds in Nürnberg, the Merkers Salt Mine and the American Border Observation Point Alpha on the borderline between Hesse and Thuringia. They also visited German firms like Audi and s.Oliver, were guests of the German Federal Police in Würzburg and enjoyed popular youth leisure time activities like the Umsonst und Draußen Music Festival or visits to Würzburg’s movie theaters and sharing a BBQ dinner.