International Science Seminar, flight and aeronautics: Day 1



Following the safe arrival of our guests from the Czech Republic and Germany, our Seminar began with ‘Rocket Day’. The aim of the day was to build a water rocket that would fly high and straight, ultimately culminating in the ‘Rugby Post Challenge’. Preliminary investigations, with smaller pre-prepared, water rockets gave students the opportunity to experiment to find out the optimum volume of water needed. Following a research lesson and the building of the rocket students were ready to launch. The winning team of Antonia, Victoria, David and Adam produced a rocket that comfortably cleared the rugby posts from 20 metres on a windy day. The day ended with a sports night, where we had a series of five-a-side football and netball matches and were very pleased to be joined on the field of play by our Headmaster, Mike Walton.

International Science Seminar: Days 2 and 3

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On the second day of the seminar students had the opportunity to visit BAE systems in Warton. Although for security reasons no pictures were allowed, the students were able to visit a number of hangers to observe, first hand, the assembly of the Typhoon fighter jet. All the students commented that this was a ‘fantastic experience’. In the evening the visiting students enjoyed an evening with their hosts taking part in a range of activities including bowling and cinema whilst our guest teachers enjoyed a light aircraft flight over the Fylde coast followed by a meal out.

On the third day of the seminar we all visited MOSI (Manchester Museum of Science and Industry) for the day. Pupils had the opportunity to visit the Air and Space hall and to find out more about the region’s proud history in aeronautics and technology in general. In the evening 41 of our group went out for traditional fish and chips followed by a walk through the Blackpool Illuminations in the rain!