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International Science Seminar

Six Year 10 Science students, accompanied by Mr and Mrs Karling, spent a week in the Czech Republic on the 11th International Science Seminar hosted by the Gymnásium Boženy Němcové in Hradec Králové. Joined by students from the Siebold Gymnasium in Würzburg, the KEQMS students stayed with host families at the beginning and end of the week and in hostel accommodation near the centre of town in the middle part.

The theme of this year’s seminar was Energy. Between lectures and experiments on kinetic and potential energy, the students visited the Observatory and Planetarium. A 4 km planetarium walk, built to scale, revealed the vast distances of our solar system. The students learned about sources of energy in nature by investigating astronomical and solar energy, focusing on nuclear fusion in the sun. There was also a visit to Opatovice Coal Power Station and a day excursion to Prague, taking in Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and the Old Town. At the end of the week the mixed teams of British, German and Czech students gave excellent presentations on various aspects of energy.

Hradec Králové is a beautiful town in Eastern Bohemia. Its magnificent square in the old town is matched by stunning public buildings of neoclassical and modernist architecture. There was a full evening programme of activities to keep everyone very busy. The students made many friends and take back with them memories of a highly enjoyable and successful exchange.