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International Science Seminar – Würzburg


Six Year 11 students from AKS Lytham flew out to Germany to participate in a tripartite science seminar along with students from the Gymnazium Bozeny Nemcove in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic, and the Siebold Gymnasium, Würzburg, who hosted the event. They were accompanied by Mr Finney, who had also participated in the inaugural seminar in 1997, and Miss Hall.

The theme for the week was energy. The students acquitted themselves admirably, conducting experiments on solar energy and constructing their own solar ovens in teams of four (two German hosts, one English student and one Czech student.) They also went twice to Würzburg University for hands-on sessions in the Physics and Biology Departments, where they learned about saving energy in the home and the storage of energy in plants. For the latter all were able to make use of the high-tech university microscopes to examine various cell specimens.

There were also guided tours of the Residenz (Bishop’s Palace) and on 3rd October, which was a Public Holiday, all the students went on a day excursion to Nürnberg. There was also a guided tour of the Reichsparteigelände, the area where the Nazi rallies were held.

The majority of the week was blessed with fine weather (unlike the UK!) and students enjoyed walking around and the various outdoor activities. On Friday each group of four students prepared a presentation of one of the six topics studied for an audience of parents and other invited guests. As with all exchanges, students honed their language skills and forged friendships with students from different countries.